giovedì 31 agosto 2017


We are starting to put the calendar together again for Brazil.  Yes, this will be the 10th year! Hands down, the Ceara province of Brazil has the best wind ever AND it is guaranteed. The location this year is TAIBA, with incredible waves, sick downwinds from Taiba to Paracuro and a private lagoon just few steps from your room. If you don't believe us try it yourself. Call in sick, quit the job, break up with your partner and sign up now.

From the 5th of October to the 15th we will be experiencing  an EPIC DOWNWIND ADVENTURE.  We will downwind through Ceara starting from Prea, just few km from Jericoacoara, out in the open sea and the calm lagoon waters to reach the the inland lagoons of the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park.The final price for the  downwind  will be from 700 to 1000 usd  including: Transportation by 4x4, driver, gas, accommodations for the 10 days of the downwind and assistance during the downwind. The price will NOT INCLUDE: meals, drinks or any ADV kiteboarding lessons.

After the downwind, we will offer beginner, intermedie or ADV kiteboarding lessons in TAIBA from the 16th of October until the 30 th of October. Contact us directly for more details and prices

Do Whatever you have to do to experience the freedom of downwinding in Brazil!  If you are new to the sport, you won't believe how fast you progress when you have perfect conditions.  You will never be the same again after this experience.  Bring it on!

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